3 . Earn money by opening a shop on Facebook

Facebook is not just a social network but also a market. Today, anyone can sell any product online using Facebook . Most ecommerce software nowadays offer easy integration of your Facebook store to sell products directly via your Facebook . Even free platforms like eBay, Zazzle and CafePress , where  you can set up an online store for free, have their own applications to configure your store on Facebook . For more information : You do not need to have your own products to sell Zazzle and CafePress . They have the products and you just need to use your creativity on products like t -shirts, mugs ….. They will pay if they are sold.

4 . Make money with Facebook Apps

You can develop applications only for sale facebook , it requires all the technical knowledge associated with applications in development. If you do not have technical expertise, but have an amazing idea for an application, you can hire an application developer to work on your project. Facebook Apps is the most efficient market to make money on Facebook .

5 . Become an Expert Marketing on Facebook

If you ‘ve heard of Social Media Marketing, then you must have found Facebook sits above the other . Companies are leveraging the power of social media to extend their reach , get more customers , build relationships and have a lasting impact. Marketing on Facebook is now well known in the internet marketing scene and has a good career scope term.

You can start by helping local businesses, professionals, etc. to give them a presence on Facebook . This would create and manage Facebook pages , managing advertising campaigns on Facebook, and finally expanding their field of activity. Idea seems simple, but it is not . You need marketing skills to give your customers filtered and targeted audience.


Facebook is the website World No. 2 after Google. So it is not be considered as a simple social network. This is a completely different web – world with new developments that take place from time to time . Making money on Facebook is just a part of it and it will be bigger than social media is evolving!

Have you ever thought about making money from Facebook without being an employee ?

If you’re just a Facebook user who uses just to meet people, you might think I’m talking shit here , and only a fool would think to make money from Facebook . We’ll tell you why , with turning around your brain evidence ! Yes, there are several ways to make money on Facebook . There is only limited to your creative ideas .

First, we will tell you why Facebook is a real place to make money online …. This is simply because Facebook is not just a social network, it is also a market for many companies. The number of Facebook users is over 980 million (May 2013) and with various options and features, Facebook makes it easy to reach the target audience . Thus , in an indirect way to make money and promote your business, your products and services and increase sales.

Making money on Facebook is not a myth that many people think . But it might not be as easy as it sounds . It requires hard work , creative skills and continuous effort to reap the rewards with Facebook. If you are looking for ways to make money just by mouse clicks , I’m sorry you’re in the wrong place. Others may continue reading …

1 . Earn money with facebook pages

The pages are a great great place to start your project . Many geeks are spirit to enjoy the power of Facebook pages to make money online. It begins with the creation of a single Facebook page that attracts a large audience. The page can be anything. But it is better to go with a specific sector as later help in monetizing the page. For example, you can create a page linked to technology, music, cooking , jokes or any other community.

The next step is to get des’j'aime ‘ for your page as much as possible. This is mainly done by updating the page daily with photos, videos, etc. that relates to your page. Facebook users who come across your updates as they would perhaps like your page. Finally once you reach a large number of I love , you are ready to make money on Facebook .

How ?

Simple. Promoting products and services of others on your page. If you can get , say, 50,000 likes on your page, your page becomes an ideal location for many businesses to promote their products and services. For example: A Facebook page targeting technology enthusiasts can promote a technology related product , service or just an offer. You win according to the number of I love and prices you set.

2 . Discover security vulnerabilities on Facebook

It is a direct method to make money on Facebook Facebook itself ” ” either you pay if you use this way. Facebook wants to keep her safe activity , clean and sophisticated , so it pays you if you can help Facebook in achieving them. Facebook pays a minimum of $ 500 for a bug report and security vulnerabilities. There’re criteria to be eligible for the money, as you must be the first to report and so on. Many security researchers make extra money online by doing this on Facebook you can too. To learn more about how it works and if you can do it or not , visit this link : Facebook Whitehat .
(to be continued)

When it comes to landing pages, there three common myths

1. They are are for websites only.
2. They are are difficult and expensive to create.
3. Only large companies use landing pages.

The truth is all above three sentences are just myths!

In today’s post, I will try to include information about the benefits of creating landing pages, and outline the design components that make landing pages most effective.

Okay folks, let’s get started!

Although currently there’s little information available about whether landing pages created within Facebook are more effective than landing pages for websites, we do know recent studies prove that people more freely reveal personal information about themselves when on Facebook.

When Facebook decided to change their layout to Timeline, they removed default landing pages. Now anyone who visits a Facebook Page can only view an app (or a landing page) from a provided link on the Timeline.

Creating Landing Pages within Facebook Can Increase Profits

A landing page can help you keep friends closer. Keeping your fans inside of facebook when asking for their names and email addresses may help your conversions.

This way you may grow your email list. But, only 10 percent of brands currently use an email opt-in form on their Facebook Page. Those businesses have a leg up on their competition because they’re making it easier for their Facebook fans to become email subscribers. And as most marketers know, having a strong email list is a foot in the door to better lead generation and increased sales

There are so many statistics on lead generation and social media that it’s sometimes difficult to weed through them to find the numbers that are most important. To shed light on how social media and landing pages can complement one another, check out these eye-opening stats:

How to Create Landing Pages within Facebook

To create a landing page within Facebook, a popular option that saves a lot of time and stress is to use a third-party application design tool. Yes, it is possible to design a landing page within Facebook without enlisting a third-party app company, but there are a few drawbacks.

To design your own landing page within Facebook you need coding skills, Facebook platform – compliant servers to store data like email addresses that your landing page will collect and, most of all, time. The simpler option: use a third-party app design tool where all the heavy lifting is done for you.

Another reason many people decide to use a third-party app company to design their Facebook landing pages is because it’s more cost effective. There are some app design tool companies that provide a free plan so it’s possible that it won’t cost you anything to design and host a Facebook landing page.

We can image you’ve got a household enterprise or an world-wide-web marketing and advertising organization and you want to find out how to advertise on Facebook the best way. Most marketers will try Facebook ads with no even obtaining any training on it, and then they wonder why their ad entirely flopped. It is no secret that Facebook has grown exponentially more than the past 5 years to the tune of over 800 million users. With numbers this staggering, there are many laser targeted prospects to be reached for the niche.
How To Advertise On Facebook – Finding Started
In order to see how to advertise on Facebook, you may have to scroll down to the bottom of the property page and click on the advertising link. This will take you to the Facebook advertisements platform where you can begin creating an ad. Do not let the selections overwhelm you, the fact is you may soon see how Facebook advertisements are fairly very simple to actually set up. The first solutions you may see might be to either choose an external URL or an existing fan page or application you may have made.
The actual advertisement is pretty very simple. If you are advertising your fan page, you may not be in a position to edit the headline. If you’re sending prospects outside of Facebook, you can be in a position to edit your headline. Make sure it truly is appealing and that it gains the attention of your target industry. The image is the most significant portion of your ad. Be cautious not to use any registered trademarks or pictures you don’t have permission to use. Finally, your ad copy should clearly disclose what that you are offering and what your prospect can anticipate if they click on your ad. These are several straightforward guidelines on how to advertise on Facebook.
How To Advertise On Facebook – Demographics and Bidding
What makes Facebook marketing so powerful and powerful will be the reality on how much information they have collected about an user. It is possible to target your prospects by where they live, their age, sex, marital status, likes an interests, and so forth. Do not let all of these possibilities confuse you on how to advertise on Facebook. Ensure that you narrow down your target reach by employing these choices. I personally prefer to target a minimum of 10-40 thousand folks in a single ad.
Finally, you can find two different bidding choices on how to advertise on Facebook. Initially is cost per click, which implies you only pay for visitors that truly visits your landing page, or cost per impressions, that is a flat rate for every 1,000 occasions Facebook displays your ad, regardless how a lot of (or few) individuals click your ad. It can be essential to note that cost per click advertisements tend to get greater exposure and placement and thus price extra than expense per impressions.
It really is critical that you simply realize specifically how to advertise on Facebook. Facebook is an ever growing competition field and with Facebook now displaying up to 6 ads on a single page, you will need to be absolutely specific you stand out from your competitors.

If you want to make money online, Facebook is the first place to stop.

There are a lot of variants to choose from. People invent new applications almost every day, and all of them definitely deserve attention. Among them Facebook Voting Engine can be mentioned. It is one of the latest and probably the most interesting scripts in the recent time. As the name suggests, Facebook Voting Engine is a voting script. Basically, this script uses an old good bush telegraph principle: you do something funky and advise your friends to check it. Such method proves its efficiency even in our litigious society that uses the dirtiest marketing tricks and hardcore hyping. It produces enormous viral effect and appears in front of as many interested eyeballs as possible.

So, how does it work?

You are supposed to create your own voting contests. You are free to set everyone you want at loggerheads, just make sure all the candidates (4 max) have equal chances. It’s not a problem for creative folks as long as our whole society is a freaking great source of inspiration. Just turn the TV on and generate dozens of them! After that you need to create an attractive voting page with fancy headers, backgrounds, and slogans. When your page is done, you can vote first and thus leverage the viral mechanism. The point is every time someone votes on your page he or she automatically informs all friends on Facebook of this contest by sending them a message. The funkier your pages are the more people will find it funny and share the information with their friends in their turn. It appears to be a good way of making money virally with Facebook.

Of course these Likes won’t metamorphose into pure cash all by themselves. After the conveyor is leveraged, you should choose the way of monetizing this script. There are several options here. First of all, you can post ads on the pages according to your main audience. Thus, it’s a good idea to post some beauty salons, dating services, horoscopes, and other girls’ stuff ads on “Robert Pattinson vs Taylor Lautner” voting page. Another good idea to monetize this script is to turn these voters into your targeted FB fans. And finally, you can place your URLs there and redirect people wherever you want. This script will work for any kind of social media marketing campaign. Basically, there are a lot of other ways of monetizing this Voting Engine, so feel free to fantasize and work out alternative ways to make money with Facebook.

By experts predictions, Facebook will continue to grow for this decade. The main reason why Facebook is a great success is because of the popularity of their network. Many million high school students, college students, and other people are registered and log in every single day of the week. Facebook has become much of an addiction and a necessity across high schools and college campuses because this network includes all features a teenager or college student could ever need to stay in contact with their friends. The evolution of Facebook Applications proved to be very successful by allowing developers to create their own applications and place them on Facebook.

Today, I will tell you about a new way of advertising your products and offers online called Facebook Ads. This is a brand new program and boasts paying the lowest CPC (cost per click) on the internet. With this said, my team investigated to see what type of results we received from promoting the same offers that we promote on Google and Yahoo. The results were amazing and I think it’s actually very possible to make money online using Facebook Ads where you pay per click.

On top of paying per click, you are able to target your audience of viewers however you want to. Based on Facebook features you can target them based on age, gender, geographic area, school, hobby, anything! This option is great, because do you really want to be promoting a sports offer to a 16 year old female? Probably not. Facebook Ads has really changed how internet marketers are able to promote their offers and keep profit margins high.

It is cristal clear that Facebook is doing their best to keep up with everything that is happening on the internet in relation to trends, marketers wants, and their users wants. Facebook is a confirnation that the internet is constantly changing. Nobody knows what the future will bring for networks like Adwords, Yahoo PPC, and MSN Adcenter, but it seems that Facebook is doing their best to keep up with everything that is happening on the internet in relation to trends, marketers wants, and their users wants.

If you are a marketer, Facebook it’s really an amazing place to be. Saturation of marketers, niches, and offers has become very high and the days of making thousands of dollars a day paying nearly nothing for your clicks are long gone. The Facebook opportunities are abundant, all you need is a bit of originality to turn large profits.

I will tet you know how to make money with Facebook by giving away promotional products, that things we are often referred to as “free stuffs” or “freebies.”

Let’s say you own a business or a company. Then you may try to give away free products through Facebook to earn higher revenues. Though the scheme may sound quite paradoxical because it pushes you to give away stuffs instead of selling some, you would still find out that it could help you a lot.

Your main benefits:

1. Promotional products would help your company in becoming more popular because they are exposing the name of your company as they reach your prospective customers or clients.

2. They could also help your prospective customers in pre-evaluating your products. If they would get to try your products, they may eventually learn that they would like it and they may decide to buy the commercial version of the product that you have shown.

You can also make money if you do not own a business. In that case, some companies may also ask you to distribute the promotional products through Facebook. They may ask you to create an online pickup center where people drop by to get a freebie. Generally, you would just be working like the usual promodizer that you can found at malls.

If you were an average Facebook user, you can also make money with Facebook by giving away free stuffs. This can become possible by applying on businesses that are looking for online business associates. The businesses would just ask you to post company-related web content in your timeline. Most likely, they would ask you to post photos or statuses that can serve as an advertisement that provides various details on the promotional products that the companies hand out.

The compensation that you can get in any of the above-mentioned schemes is usually fixed. However, the amount of compensation that you may acquire from the company may still vary depending on certain company policies.

Bigger companies would give you a higher amount of payment. Companies and businesses that require you to exert extra efforts may also be considerate in giving you the compensation. They could also give you extra rewards if they have observed that you have done things that are more than what was expected.

The compensation is often sent using an online merchant account or through electronic money transfer. However, there are also companies and businesses that pay their associates by issuing a check and by sending it through mail. The mode of payment is usually dependent on certain geographical and economic factors.

Do you want to learn how to start making money with social media? There are so many different social media that are used by a lot of people.

It is not as hard as it may seem to make money with social media. You just need to know how to use it effectively to help you build your business and make money.

This article is going to tell you some key thing that you have to do in order to use this method for money making effectively. Here are the key things that you have to do if you want to start making money with social media.

One: You have to make sure that you create a network. You have to start using the best social sites to help you make money online. Educate yourself on how to use each social media site because they don’t all work the same.

The social media sites like Wikipedia, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Digg and others are the best ones to use. Look at what other Internet business owners are doing and see if it will work for you.

Two: When you really want to start making money you need to get as many referrals as you can. Provide good information and get involved in the social media sites. This will make other people want to refer your business to others.

Three: It is important to have people see you as an authority. So, you want to spend some time establishing yourself as the authority.

When you do this, you will definitely get followers because they will be eager to hear what you have to say. Plus, you will build trust with them. This is one very important key when you want to start making money with social media.

Four: A very effective way to make money with social media is to use affiliate programs. You can provide good posts and at the same time be marketing some affiliate programs. This is a way that a lot of people use to make money.

If you do these four key things, then you will soon find that you will start making money with social media. Just don’t give up because it will take you some time to do these four things. Once you have a good standing in the social media sites, you won’t find it hard anymore to make money with social media.

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You will find many trying to figure out how to make money having social media, you’ll discover some important information provided throughout this post. Social media and social media marketing were not around for very long; on the other hand, it has been around for a specified duration for marketers to know that social platforms can allow a person to make extreme amounts of cash if they know exactly cooking techniques. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn will take your current marketing efforts for you to places never before understood. However, in order to be prosperous when it comes to making money within the social media networks, you will need to know which measures to take that will make the project you do more effective.

Focus on Your Audience

Now, it’s important to be aware that whether you are promoting an affiliate marketer program, your own product or service, or you’re merely trying to drive traffic to a certain area, you will need to consentrate on your audience. Twitter, twitter, and LinkedIn would really allow you to choose your own audience through census. YouTube will allow you to perform the same thing by utilizing keywords and phrases in your descriptions. It is critical to realize that regardless of the company you’re in, you’ll want to market to an audience that will be thinking about the products and products and services you provide.

This is one of the major problems that many people struggle with when it comes to trying to puzzle out how to make money with social media marketing. You don’t want to market makeup products to people that are thinking about horse saddles. As well, you don’t want to market horse saddles two persons looking for music along with entertainment. It’s important to concentrate on your audience if you market any type of product or service regardless of the social media system you choose.

* Comprehend Your Niche
As a way to really make money with web 2 . 0, you will really need to comprehend your niche. There are a selection of different marketers that try to use social networks to offer a product or service they don’t really realize or know that very much about. You will discover of which by understanding every little thing there is to know about your particular niche, this will help you in terms of making money using social media networks.

* Making use of All the Social Networks Properly
Each make money social media system works a bit in different ways, so in order to be best when it comes to making money, you simply must learn more about each circle. Although Facebook is considered to be the top platform, it’ll be important to learn about building a profile, creating a page, getting involved with cpa networks by engaging ones targeted audience. Tweets works a bit diverse because you message can just be sent in 160 characters or a lesser amount of.

However, you can target this particular audience by following and selecting followers that will be serious about the products and products and services you provide.
LinkedIn is different when it comes to myspace because you will be able to create a massive profile, connect with other businesses in either a local area or perhaps worldwide. You will also manage to promote, market, along with recommend others each day which will create more attractiveness, buzz, and publicity for you and your services and products. YouTube is another marketing strategy that can be used effectively to allow you to make money with social media through creating videos concerning the products and services you are selling, and allow people to have a firsthand look to what they are and how they’re able to benefit by making a purchase.

The information provided previously mentioned is only a short explanation of some of the ways that will need to be consumed order to make money using social media. If you truly want to be successful when it comes to earning profits using these free methods that are available, it will be essential to learn as much as you may about each social media so you can implement a subscriber list marketing program that is very successful.

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